by Daniel Neufeld

Aug 25 2014

TMHA Tryouts

The schedule for the first round of TMHA tryouts is now posted on our hockey page. All ice times are at East End Community Club and are for one hour.


by Tom Nesby

Aug 12 2014

General Meeting

Please note that the next general meeting will be Wednesday August 20 at 6:30 and not Thursday.


by Tom Nesby

Aug 05 2014

General Meeting

There will be a general meeting held at the Transcona East End Community club on Thursday August 21 at 6:30

Items up for discussion will include the financials for Year end 2013- 2014, Registration, Minutes from the previous meeting and current financial reports along with a construction update.

All residents are encouraged to attend.


by Tom Nesby

May 20 2014

May 25 meeting

There will be a general meeting this Sunday at 6:30 for all residents of the east end area.


by Tom Nesby

Apr 30 2014

Soccer Startup

~~Ages 7 - 18 the season starts May 12/14.  Coaches meeting is scheduled May 5

& 6/14 to get their schedules

5 & 6 Start May 5 ??? but may be pushed back.

Same for Micro 3 & 4


by Tom Nesby

Apr 29 2014

Wheel Chair Access upper hall

The main doors for the facility will be closed until further notice. To access the elevator for the upper hall, you will have to come in through the compressor doors at the back of the hall. They are silver and have not been painted. Please ensure that you have made arrangements for this as normally the doors will be locked, but available for bingo.