2023 Soccer Referees Needed!

The 2023 soccer season is right around the corner and we need referees in Transcona again.
To be a 7 & 8 referee in 2023 you are required to complete one of the following clinics (this course needs to be completed each year), and be 12-17 yrs old.
Clinic Dates:
Monday, April 24th 6-8pm
Thursday, April 27th 6-8pm
@ Phoenix Clubhouse 900 Raleigh St.
To register click on the link, in the past I would try to get the schedule out at least 10 days before the start of the season, so if I get a list of teams and fields early next week I should be able to have it ready for late next week.
I have a good idea of the fields we used in past seasons so I can do the first pass with those fields.

Here is the link for the clinic registration I have set the max at 25 per session


Once you have completed this clinic please send me an email with your information (Name, Age, email, and availability for May and June).
Please contact me at soccer7_8@eastendarena.ca with any questions.