Ice Time Sports

We the board of Transcona East End Community Club are pleased to advise our community that Ice Time Sports also located at the Seven Oaks Community Club on Kingsbury Avenue have joined our Family/ Club and will be providing the following services to our community. To the teams, parents, grand parents, friends and players they "Ice time sports" will be providing skate sharpening, team apparel, hockey equipment, baseball equipment and various other stock as the needs are required. We would appreciate all the support you can give them as you know others have tried to make the store work but have failed , Ice time wants to make the store a success but can not do so without your support. Business cards are available in the store, the person working at the store will advise you whom you should talk to for your needs.
Ice time intended hours of business are:
Monday to Fridays 4-8 Saturday 9-5 Sunday 10-4 Extra hours will depend on rink usage and the needs for the community.
Ice time has asked us to relate a message that they would appreciate any ideas that would help the community .
For now the contact information is as follows:
Robb Kushner 204-999-5849
Mike Wynne 204-232-1724
Gary McDonald 204-797-6510 but only after 4 PM please.
Best of the upcoming holiday seasons.