Spring Sports Registration

Spring Sports Registration is now open

Please note - if you are registering for baseball or softball - it is a two step process where you first register with either Red River Valley Baseball Association or Northeast Softball Association AND then, to obtain your volunteer fee back, you need to log into (or create) your SportSoft account with East End to sign up for a volunteer slot. Once you have volunteered, your fee is refunded by cheque.
There are no fees to select in the East End registration site, however, you must 'purchase' a general membership - our way of making sure that we have current information for you, and add your participants (children) to either baseball or softball to proceed to the volunteer selection section. You can chose either a position (coaching) or an event - canteen, bingo, ball diamond clean up or soccer jamboree.

If you are registering for soccer, there is just the one login - East End's Sportsoft.

An in-person payment day has been scheduled for March 8 from 6 - 8. This is NOT in person registration, just an opportunity to submit payment, if you have chosen to do so via cheque or cash; or are inquiring about subsidy.