Update COVID 19 - July 9, 2020

Currently we have opened 1 arena for some hockey camps. We anticipate the other 2 arena's opening August 10 depending how this works out. We have instituted a number of requirements to try to keep everyone safe and our facility open. Please click on the read more button for all 6 rules.
1. Please ensure that participants arrive no sooner than 30 minutes before their scheduled time.
2. For each participant, there can be only one (1) guest in the building.
3. If you are picking up a participant and have to enter the building, please do so 10 minutes before the end of the session.
4. All people entering the facility must sign in for Covid 19 tracing if needed.
5. No food allowed in the facility. Please note that the canteen probably will remain closed until September.
6. Non Participants must maintain Social distancing rules of six (6) feet.

Thank you for your co-operation.