For the 2018 season Online Registration for Baseball will be done through the Red River Valley Baseball website


Registration will open mid February 2018, but visit today to create you family account.

Please note that whenever you enroll your child in this baseball, it requires the cooperation of at least 5 parents to manage the team. There is the contact person (sometimes the coach), and then there is usually a 1st base coach, a 3rd base coach, someone to count pitches, and someone to keep score. So please keep this in mind when registering and indicate this on your form.

Baseball usually starts around the beginning of May, weather permitting.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about Baseball, please contact Dan Cox at

2018 Baseball Nights of Play and Baseball Registration Fees

RRVB nights of play and baseball registration fees for the 2018 season are under review and will be posted at the RRVB website

For TEECC registrations there is a $50.00 refundable Canteen fee, a $25 per family administration fee, a $25 per player equipment fee, and a $12.50 City of Winnipeg field fee

Volunteer fee refund policy: Normally only the head coach of a team will receive credit for the refundable canteen fee, however in the interests of promoting baseball, all certified coaches for baseball will be eligible to receive the refund. There will be no exceptions to this rule. TEECC will pay for the certification of all coaches which usually entails attending a course thru Baseball Manitoba ( Other volunteer opportunities such as canteen, bingo and field clean up are eligible for the refund of the volunteer fee. Please contact Dan Cox ( or East End Arena ( for more information on volunteer opportunities.

2018 Nights of Play

Rally Cap 7U (DOB 2011 – 2014): Monday/Wednesday

Grand Slam 9U (DOB 2009 – 2010): Tuesday / Thursday

Mosquito 11UA (DOB 2007 – 2008): Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday

Mosquito 11UAA (DOB 2007 – 2008): Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday / Sunday

Pee Wee 13UA (DOB 2005 – 2006): Tuesday / Thursday / Friday / Sunday

Pee Wee 13UAA (DOB 2005 – 2006): Monday / Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday

Pee Wee 13UAAA (DOB 2005 – 2006): Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday

Bantam 15UA (DOB 2003 – 2004): Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday

Bantam 15UAA (DOB 2003 – 2004): Monday / Wednesday / Saturday / Sunday

Bantam 15UAAA (DOB 2003 – 2004): Wednesday / Friday / Sunday

Midget 18UA (DOB 2000 – 2002): Tuesday / Thursday / Friday / Sunday

Midget 18UAA (DOB 2000 – 2002: Monday / Wednesday / Friday / Sunday

Midget 18UAAA (DOB 2000 – 2002): Tuesday / Thursday / Friday / Sunday