Bingo is Every Tuesday from September 14 until  Tuesday  June  13, 2023

Face masks are highly recommended but not manditory. Please make use of  the hand sanitizer at the door or the soap and water in the washroom.  Physical distancing is recommended.. Capacity and restrictions will be determined by the current health orders. For elevator access, see the bingo sellers on the 2nd floor.


Early bird 7:00
Regular games 7:15

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Cost of Paper: Large or small 15 to view $10.00

9 to view   $7.00

3 to view    $3.00

Early bird 5 games single line  $2.00

All other special games $1.00



$1000.00 in 49 Numbers decreasing to $500.00 in 53 numbers.


Bingo Pots Tuesday May 23, 2023

Lucky 7  $250.00 in 20 numbers

Bonanza $280.00 Last Week in 56 numbers

Loonie Pot $173.00 Plus