Election By Laws

 The bylaws listed below will be effective immediately if adopted on the evening of April 24, 2008 before the general elections.

The Transcona East End Community Club Executive Board will consist of the following positions:



         Vice-President Administration

         Vice-President of Sports



The Executive Board positions will be a 2 year term with the President and Vice-President of Sports being elected in the odd years, and the positions of the Vice-President Administration and Secretary being elected in the even years.

To be nominated on the Executive board, an individual must have served at least 2 years on the Transcona East End Community Club board the past 2 years prior to the elections of that year.

The Transcona East End Community Club Board positions are as follows:


1.       Mini-Soccer                                                    10. Maintenance

2.      Soccer                                                             11. Baseball

3.      Canteen                                                           12. Softball

4.      Hall Rentals                                                     13. Public Skating

5.      Sports Equipment                                            14. Publicity

6.      Ringette Convener                                          15. Carnival

7.      Hockey Convener (8 & under)                        16. Fitness Class

8.      Hockey Convener (9 & 10)                              17. Tae-Kwon-Do

9.      Hockey Convener (11 & over)                                    18. Bingo

10.  Maintenance                                                   19. Nevada