Coaches' Requirements

Coaches Requirements – From Canada Soccer and MSA
1. Minimum Coaching Certification – U4-6 (Active Start) U7-8 ( FUNdamentals) U9-12 (Learn to Train) U13+ (Soccer for Life) , these courses have an asynchronous online component that can be done immediately and then Phoenix will provide the on-field component (dates to be determined). Coaches can find and register for the online portion on the MSA website-

Soccer Registration - Ages 7 - 18

Effective Spring 2021 East End Community Club - a SQS compliant club - is accepting registrations from all areas of Transcona for players aged 7 - 18.

All players 7 and up are required to register with the Manitoba Soccer Association and pay their MSA fee directly to the MSA.

Volunteering at East End Community Club

For the Spring 2021 season, East End Community Club will not be collecting the refundable volunteer fee.
Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 restrictions, the canteen nor bingo will be operating until the Fall of 2021; nor are we likely to be able to host a soccer jamboree. Opportunities to volunteer are limited; thus the volutneer board of directors has decided to waive the fee for this season.